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Elena Petrovskaya

Research topic: ‘Predatory’ Monetisation: Understanding Problematic Microtransactions Through a Player-Centric Perspective

Elena graduated from UCL with a BSc in Psychology and MSc in Human-Computer Interaction. Her research interests lie in understanding the subjective experience of the individual in human-computer interaction, particularly within games and gamified systems. Currently, her work is focused around casual creators: a genre of software designed to facilitate creativity for fun and enjoyment rather than the end product. She is investigating the psychology behind interaction with casual creators and how they can further be optimised. The next stage of the project will be involving AI as a co-creator.

PhD Defense

Her PhD title is “Conceptualising problematic in-game microtransactions and their effects through a player-centric perspective” and her external examiner was Luke Clark from the University of British Columbia.

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