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Christian Guckelsberger

I’m a postdoc at Aalto University / Finnish Centre of AI (FCAI) and a Visiting Research Fellow at Queen Mary University of London. I was also a member of IGGI, the EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Intelligent Games and Game Intelligence. I am interested in how we can create artificial systems that would be deemed creative in their own right by unbiased observers. I address this challenge with formal models of intrinsic motivation. I show both theoretically and in applied studies that models of intrinsic motivation can give rise to more general, robust and adaptive creative systems. Video games make an ideal application domain for this work, as they represent arbitrarily complex abstractions of the real world, and a challenging, multi-faceted domain for designers.

I have a Magister Artium in Computer Science, History of Art and Business Studies and a BSc in Computer Science. For my theses, I worked on intrinsic motivation in multi-agent systems, and on algorithms for the serendipitous recommendation of art. During my studies, I gained industrial experience at the research department of SAP SE and worked as a research assistant at Technical University Darmstadt. I am an open minded, passionate researcher and draw on an interdisciplinary approach. My general interests are in Computational Creativity and AI, Machine Learning and Information Theory. I used to pursue my PhD in the Computational Creativity Group at Goldsmiths, University of London, and recently joined the Game AI Research Group at Queen Mary.

As my core research, I employ computational models of intrinsic motivation to:

My thesis is supervised by Simon Colton (Queen Mary/Monash), Paul Cairns (York), Jeremy Gow (Queen Mary) and Christoph Salge (NYU/Hertfordshire).

Together with Christoph Salge and Tobias Mahlmann, I co-presented the first tutorial on Intrinsic Motivation in General Game Playing and NPCs at the Computational Intelligence and Games conference (CIG’16, link). Furthermore, I co-organised the First Interdisciplinary Workshop on Curiosity in Games at the Foundations of Digital Games Conference (FDG’18, link).

You can find my academic CV here and a separate publication list on Google Scholar.

Please get in touch via email (christian.guckelsberger[at] or find me on Twitter @CreativeEndvs.

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