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Tribes: a Turn-Based Strategy Games Framework

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A turn-based strategy game framework. Tribes is a multi-player, multi-agent, stochastic and partially observable game that involves strategic and tactical combat decisions. A good playing strategy requires the management of a technology tree, build orders and economy. The framework provides a Forward Model, which can be used by Statistical Forward Planning methods.

Getting started

In order to run the code, you must either download the repository, or clone it. If you are looking for a particular release, you can find all listed here.

The simplest way to run the code is to create a new project in IntelliJ IDEA or a similar IDE. In IntelliJ, create a new project from existing sources, pointing to the code downloaded or cloned. This process should automatically set up the environment and add any project libraries as well (JSON library only required for version 1.0).

Alternatively, open the code directly in your IDE of choice and add libraries included in the download from the lib/ package. Make sure src/ is marked as sources root.

Associated research


This work is supported by UK EPSRC research grants EP/T008962/1 and IGGI CDT EP/L015846/1