GAIG Game AI Research Group @ QMUL

GAIG @ ICCC 2020


The Game AI Group at Queen Mary University of London presented 5 papers, 1 keynote and 1 tutorial at the Eleventh International Conference on Computational Creativity, ICCC’20 (7-11 September 2020). You may find full details on each presentation on the conference website. The proceedings for ICCC 2020 can be found here.


Simon Lucas
Fast Adaptive Game AI for Semi-Automated Design of Casual Games


Elena Petrovskaya, Sebastian Deterding and Simon Colton
Casual Creators in the Wild:A Typology of Commercial GenerativeCreativity Support Tools

Simon Colton, Jon McCormack, Michael Cook and Sebastian Berns
Creativity Theatre for Demonstrable Computational Creativity

Maria Teresa Llano, Mark d’Inverno, Matthew Yee-King, Jon McCormack, Alon Ilsar, Alison Pease and Simon Colton
Explainable Computational Creativity

Simon Colton, Alison Pease, Christian Guckelsberger, Jon McCormack and Teresa Llano
On the Machine Condition and its Creative Expression

Sebastian Berns and Simon Colton
Bridging Generative Deep Learning and Computational Creativity


Sebastian Berns and Terence Broad
A Deep Dive into Latent Space: Image Generation and Manipulation with StyleGAN2
Part 1  |  Part 2

This tutorial introduces the concept of latent spaces in deep generative models, specifically StyleGAN2, and the possibilities of image generation and manipulation they provide. Focusing on a model trained on photographs of human faces, we will demonstrate how to localise the latent representation of a given image (e.g. a participant’s own face) in order to blend it with another and how to create an animation of the interpolation between the two.