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[Seminar] 'Data Science with Ludii' by Matthew Stephenson


  • Title: Data Science with Ludii: Creation, Analysis and Applications of Board Game Datasets
  • Speaker: Matthew Stephenson (Maastricht University)
  • Time and date: 1pm to 2pm, November 9th, 2022 (Wednesday)
  • Room: Virtual (Zoom)

The Game AI Research Group is glad to announce a (virtual) talk by Matthew Stephenson on Wednesday November 9th 2022 at 13:00.


Over the past four years, the members of the Digital Ludeme Project have worked to document and model over 1000 board games within the Ludii general game system. This has resulted in several datasets that provide extensive information about each game, including its gameplay properties, its historical and cultural significance, and the performance of various general game playing agents and heuristics. This talk will present and discuss these publicly available board game datasets, including the information they contain, how they have been analysed so far, and possible future applications from a data science perspective.


Matthew Stephenson is currently working as a postdoctoral researcher for the Digital Ludeme Project at Maastricht University in the Netherlands. This project aims to improve our understanding of traditional board games using modern AI techniques, and can be summarised as a computational study of different games throughout recorded history. Matthew has also conducted research into many other fields of AI, including topics such as procedural content generation, physics-based reasoning, general game playing, novelty analysis, portfolio agents, data mining and computational complexity.

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