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[Seminar] 'Squeezer: a Juice prototyping tool for Unity' by Mads Johansen

  • Title: Squeezer: a Juice prototyping tool for Unity
  • Speaker: Mads Johansen (IT University of Copenhagen)
  • Time and date: 1pm to 2pm, August 26th, 2020 (Wednesday)
  • Room: Virtual (Zoom)

The Game AI Research Group is glad to announce a (virtual) talk by Mads Johansen on Wednesday 26th of August 2020 at 13:00.

All welcome (especially students), no pre-booking required


Video game prototyping and game jamming is often used to create and verify game artifacts. However, while experienced game designers can visualize the end result from purely mechanical prototypes; players, investors and inexperienced developers might need a little more convincing. That means in order to validate prototypes with play testers, acquire funding from investors or convince the rest of your team a prototype is worth developing, game prototypes need Juice (excessive feedback in the form of Visual and Sound Effects). Squeezer is a Juice prototyping tool for Unity, created to assist game designers create Juicy placeholder effects for their game prototypes. Mads set out to create a simple “Synthesizer” for Juice effects, that can be used to Procedurally Generate effect sequences, and execute them when certain events happen in games.


Mads Johansen is a Software Engineer turned Game Developer turned Academic, researching Game Development Tools. He co-founded and ran the Copenhagen based game studio ‘glitchnap’ until 2018, where he began his PhD at the IT University of Copenhagen. He is currently focusing on Game Feel Design, and creating tools for assisting designers with Juicing their game prototypes.

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