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[Seminar] 'Defining and measuring challenge as player experience in video games' by Alena Denisova

  • Title: Defining and measuring challenge as player experience in video games
  • Speaker: Alena Denisova, City University
  • Time and date: 4pm to 5pm, July 3rd, 2019 (Wednesday)
  • Room: 3.01, Bancroft Road Teaching Rooms, Mile End campus

All welcome (especially students), no pre-booking required. The seminar will be followed by drinks in The Hub.


Challenge is arguably the key element in digital games. Game designers have to assess challenge to deliver a well-balanced player experience across different skillsets. However, without a clear conceptualisation and operationalisation of what the experience of challenge is, it is hard to synthesise research across challenge in games and to systematically support the analysis of challenge in the design of games. Our research, therefore, aims to address the gaps in existing literature by introducing a new tool to help assess performative, cognitive, and emotional challenge in video games. This tool is being used to help us in defining challenge and linking this experience to others. In this talk, I will discuss the process involved in creating this measurement tool, the implications of this work, and potential further research in this area.


Alena Denisova is a Lecturer in Computer Science at City, University of London. Her research focuses on studying and measuring player experiences; games for health and wellbeing; and educational technology.

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