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[Seminar] 'Building AI Dialogue Tools for Non-Technical Authors' by Emily Short

  • Title: Building AI Dialogue Tools for Non-Technical Authors
  • Speaker: Emily Short, Spirit AI
  • Time and date: 4pm to 5pm, Mar 27, 2019
  • Room: BR 3.02, Bancroft Road Teaching Rooms, QMUL Mile End Campus

On Wednesday 27th March 2019 the Game AI Group will host a seminar by Emily Short from Spirit AI. All welcome (especially students), no pre-booking required.


This talk introduces Character Engine, a system for writing natural language or menu-based interactions with non-player characters, designed for a range of use cases from mobile gaming to voice-driven conversations with robots. We discuss the architecture of the system, the use of ML systems for understanding player intent, social models used to assist in contextual understanding of player input, and the application of more traditional game AI methods such as utility scoring and generative grammars to determine character responses. We also look at design features intended to support authors who might not themselves be experts in AI or NLP.


Emily Short is Chief Product Officer and an executive director at Spirit AI, where she works with natural language processing and generation, character moods and social behavior, and conversation modelling. She was previously the creative director of the Versu project, building interactive iPad stories around AI character agents. She has an extensive background in games writing and narrative design as well as tooling for writing interactive fiction. Her blog can be found at

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