GAIG Game AI Research Group @ QMUL

[Seminar] 'Combining Evolution and Learning' by Chrisantha Fernando (Google DeepMind)

  • Title: Combining Evolution and Learning
  • Speaker: Dr Chrisantha Fernando, Google DeepMind
  • Time and date: 4pm-5pm (GMT), Mar 20, 2018
  • Room: David Sizer Lecture Theater, Bancroft Building, EECS, QMUL

The Game AI Group at Queen Mary University of London has the pleasure to receive Chrisantha Fernando for a seminar talk at 4pm on March 20th. Get a ticket to secure your spot at the event!


Chrisantha Fernando is currently a senior research scientist at Google DeepMind. He has previously been a lecturer at Queen Mary University of London, after having worked on models of the origin of life and Darwinian neurodynamics. He started his career as a medical doctor.


To find more information about the aspects presented in this talk, have a look at the links below:

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